We at ADI’s have initiated this venture with a soul perspective¬† of “VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM”
Since we believe that everybody on this earth is a family , so each and every family member deserves simply the best. Having gone through not only with the scientific facts of RAW MILK and also about the benefits which could be drawn from an organically produced RAW MILK . We strongly believe that RAW MILK is the best for human consumption.
We at ADI's have designed the entire structure, working atmosphere and rather entire module in such a way that PURE organically produced RAW MILK be not only extracted but have made all such arrangements so that said milk in purest of its form should reach each of us.   Now a days it is an open secret that what we consume in the name of MILK from various sources in often adulterated. With the one vision of providing purest form of milk without even a single adulteration even in the name of packaging. We make it possible to provide purest milk to the destination of its actual consumption.
Our experts who are most experienced vets who choose healthiest of our livestock in order to produce a healthy milk without any nutritional deficiency. With our expertise we have designed our farms in such a way that our livestock gets an ideal atmosphere to produce healthiest milk possible.
The fodder chosen for our livestock has been purchased from organically maintained farms wherein no chemicals are used for its production . balance diet is a key to extract healthiest milk possible from our livestock.