Your Source for 100% whole milk naturally produced
We at ADI's sincerely believe that each one of us should get simply the best natural, and
purest form of milk.
We at ADI's have initiated this venture with a soul perspective of "VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM"
Since we believe that everybody on this earth is a family, so each and every family member deserves simply the best. Having gone through not only with the scientific facts of RAW MILK and also about the benefits which could be drawn from an organically produced RAW MILK. We strongly believe that RAW MILK is the best for human consumption.
We at ADI's have designed the entire structure, working atmosphere and rather entire module in such a way that PURE organically produced RAW MILK be not only extracted but have made all such arrangements so that said milk in purest of its form should reach each of us.
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  While milk may seem to be a simple matter, there's actually quite a bit most people don't know - especially why some milk is healthier for you than others. It's our mission at Adi's to educate you about milk, and why you can trust us to provide the healthiest, safest and tastiest milk around.

It comes down to our method of processing, which starts before our cows are ever milked! You see, we believe in doing things the way nature intended, so our cows are artificial hormone-free, and we rely as little as possible on mechanical processing. So what does this mean to you?
      At Village and Post Office Suthiana Pargana Dadri Dist. & Tehsil Gautam Budh Nagar Greater Noida, we take our environmental impact seriously.

We live off the grid, relying on horses and hand labor instead
of petroleum-powered equipment to do our farming.
Although this may sound extreme, to us it has always
been a way of life. Living and farming in this way allows us to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of both our family and our clientele.
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